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The Roll Release™ Foam Roller System was founded by Dr. Ryan Emmons. The program was developed to standardize foam roller myofascial release techniques.

As an avid athlete and foam roller, Dr. Emmons observed a wide array of rolling techniques and body positions – many which were excessively aggressive, physically hazardous or ineffective.

Dr. Emmons developed each of the Roll Release™ Techniques to be safe and effective. To expand the information, he authored the Roll Release™ Foam Roller Techniques books and ebooks and developed the Foam Roller Techniques App. Dr. Emmons currently instructs all courses in the Roll Release™ Seminar Series.

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Dr. Emmons is a chiropractor and co-owner of Cadence Chiropractic and Sports Therapy in Calgary, Alberta. He is a native of Southern Ontario where he obtained an Honours Kinesiology degree from the University of Western Ontario in London and his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

Dr. Emmons has a depth of knowledge in the areas of fitness and rehabilitation having worked in the personal training industry for nearly a decade.

Mentored by chiropractic sports specialists, Dr. Emmons acquired the knowledge and skill to address sports-related issues and injuries, with myofascial release being the primary focus. As a sports-oriented chiropractor, Dr. Emmons is also a provider of Active Release Techniques®, Graston® Technique, Kinesio Tape, and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.

An athlete himself, Dr. Emmons has utilized roll release exercises to combat muscle tightness and pain associated with training and injuries. Working closely with personal trainers in his chiropractic practice, Dr. Emmons began to recognize the need for standardization of foam roller exercises. In his clinical practice, he strives to treat the root of the problem and the symptomatic pain of injury.

The foam roller has been pivotal in this strategy, proven to be effective at dramatically accelerating healing time of injuries, speeding recovery time, and improving treatment results. By maximizing the active portion of care with roll release exercises, patients are empowered to improve their injury awareness and become active participants in their journey of health, fitness and athletic performance.